Thursday, September 27, 2012

A few things you should know about me...

Now that I got that first post out of the way, there are a few things you should know about me and this blog.

1. My daughter is 18 months old.  While many of you reading this know her name, I will be referring to her as A. 

2.  Mommy Strong.  I decided to title my blog "Mommy Strong" after the Army's slogan "Army Strong".  You know the commercials - There's Strong.  And then there's Army Strong.  I spent six life-changing years working as an Army Civilian at the Pentagon before transitioning to a stay-at-home Mom.  My time with the Army had one of the most significant impacts on my life.  You will likely see that influence in my posts.  An acronym or two, or even a military term, may slip every once in a while.  I guess you can take the girl out of the Army....

3. Moms need other Moms.  That is kind of my motto/outlook.  No one else fully understands a Mom like another Mom.  We're irrational and emotional, but fiercely committed to our children.  But we are also each others' best advocates.  I am not a fan of bickering amongst woman over whose parenting technique is better.  I will say this once - there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY to be a Mom.  As long as you provide your child/children love, everything else is subjective.  Let's start supporting each other unconditionally as Moms - whether you're a breastfeeding Mom or a formula feeding Mom, an attached parent or a cry-it-out parent, a supporter of vaccines or not - we all want to raise the next generation of good, caring, and productive citizens.

4. I'm not a writer.  In fact, in college, writing was one of my weaker subjects.  My grammar will not be perfect, though I do try.  I tend to write the way I talk, and my sentence structure is not always the best.  Not to mention many of these posts are written during my only free time of the day: the last 5 minutes of A's nap when she is starting to stir (what I like to call beat-the-clock), at 11:30pm when my eyes are crossing, or, like right now, as I shovel handful after handful of Cheerios in front of A while she sits on my lap and tries to type this for me.  What I'm trying to say is that my writing won't be perfect, but I hope you can see that I have a passion for sharing my experiences with others.

5. I want to hear from you!  Please feel free to email me and let me know what you think.  If you have a suggestion or feedback, I want to know.  This is a learning experience for me.

I have run out of Cheerios, so I think I will end this here.  Have a great day.

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